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Temporary Job Site Intrusion Security

Every year, construction sites lose billions of dollars due to equipment and material theft. Overnight security guards are costly and, depending on the size of the job site, several guards may be required. Chain link fences are also costly to set up and can inhibit the required flexibility for machinery and equipment. Portable Outdoor Motion Detectors by Protect-IP is a connected solution that helps general contractors protect the perimeter of their construction sites or temporary storage areas. Wireless motion detectors embedded in construction pylons can be laid out in any configuration on the site and can be relocated as needed. No hard wires, no complicated network set up. Each motion detector offers a detection range of 50 feet, superior interference immunity and increased protection from common false alarm triggers such as vibration, static, lighting and ambient temperature changes. Moreover, each pylon covers an area of approximately 2000 sq./ft. Administrators are notified by phone or email of events on site such as an alarm arming or disarming. Once the project is completed, the entire system can be transported and used at another location. Portable Outdoor Motion Detectors by Protect-IP can help reduce job site theft and increase your bottom line.

Region Support: Ontario, Québec

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