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Mobotix HD Smart Cameras

Outdoor cameras are limited in functionality, slow and cumbersome, supplying images only, while the video processing and recording is done on a server unit located at a different location. This traditional set up incurs infrastructure and bandwidth costs while limiting the amount of cameras able to be connected to a single server. Mobotix HD Smart Cameras combine incredible image capturing and computer processing, allowing them to monitor, record and react to the surroundings. The cameras offer a high-speed on-board processor capable of recording and storing several days of video footage with maximum clarity. Reducing the number of cameras and storage devices needed, Mobotix HD Smart Cameras lower your network bandwidth costs. The integrated computer also allows for additional functions, such as monitoring temperature and light, and offers a two-way functionality that is able to push additional features and functions back from the computer. With free on-board camera software included, the need to license costly video management software is completely eliminated. Offering greater clarity, storage and functionality, Mobotix HD Smart Cameras will increase your video capabilities and lower your monitoring costs.

Region Support: Ontario, Québec

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