Connected Security for Smart Cities

Cities and municipalities are responsible for overseeing security and regulating access to public amenities, such as parks and pools, as well as government buildings, parking facilities and more. Unfortunately, it can be a challenge for management to have an eye on all areas, around the clock. The lack of real-time visibility can lead to public and employee safety risks, liability issues, and lost or stolen assets.

SunoTech Access Management & Security Solutions offers connected, tailored security management solutions for cities and municipalities that integrate access control, video surveillance, security gates and more for increased public safety, accountability, and protection of assets and resources.

SunoTech’s integrated security and access solution replaces traditional keys with unique, encrypted RFID tags or cards that allow a user to enter a range of public buildings and spaces, depending on defined privileges. Access to specific rooms, areas, and even elevators, can be assigned by location, duration, and level of authorization.

The Salto electronic lock system facilitates access management across your city and is designed to scale as your community’s needs grow and change. Access to buildings and amenities is monitored via the Salto flexible control management platform that doesn’t require complicated software installation. Instead, the user-friendly mobile app works on any phone, tablet or computer, from anywhere, and makes it easy to create access groups, manage and edit user details, and view entries to specific locations.

Incorporate video surveillance monitoring and security gates for increased protection and reduced need for a physical security presence, particularly in open spaces or outdoor amenities. In addition, building HVAC and fire equipment, and critical city infrastructure such as traffic systems, can be integrated and managed from the Salto platform, providing cities with complete, end-to-end systems and services visibility and control.

Region Support: Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Québec, Saskatchewan, Yukon

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