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Access Control

Access control systems for buildings, such as offices and hotels, can be costly and complex to set up, often requiring extensive re-wiring and door modifications. Clay by Protect IP is a connected access control solution that is cost effective and easy to deploy, with no need for doorframe modifications or new wiring. Comprised of only three components – the Clay door handle, IQ base station (or repeaters for large installations) and cloud-based web application– you can have your access control system up and running in no time. Simply replace an existing door handle or deadlock with the Clay door handle and establish the connection to the wireless IQ base station. The IQ base station plugs into any standard outlet while the Clay door handle is virtually maintenance free, using standard AA batteries that are easy to replace and last for up to four years. Access data is monitored and managed via the cloud, giving you visibility into your building’s occupancy and security from anywhere. Launch the web-based application to create and manage users and schedules, and assign or revoke access privileges. Increase your building’s security while reducing your access control costs with Clay by Protect IP.

Region Support: Ontario, Québec

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