The IoT Design Shop, the Internet of Things innovation centre at Finger Food Studios, is an engineering services company that specializes in the development of custom connected solutions. Our clients come from all industries - consumer electronics, retail, healthcare, industrial, etc. - and look to us to help them address their business needs by finding elegant solutions to extremely challenging engineering problems. Typical engagements range from augmenting internal product/engineering teams to owning the design and development of bespoke systems. In all cases our clients reduce the cost, time and risk associated with developing new connected products, or even retrofitting existing “dumb” devices to make them “smart”, by leveraging the focus and experience of our team. The services through which we provide our clients with expert advice include: - Feasibility studies; - Rapid prototyping; - Proof of concept development; - Preparation for mass manufacturing; - Manufacturing support; - Project management; - Branding support; - GTM and general business strategy. Taking your product from concept to production - Our team can rapidly design and manufacture mechanical models so you, and your potential customers, can quickly begin interacting with your product. Our capabilities include CAD design, 3D printing, CNC milling and support for injection-moulding tooling runs and production runs. Developing custom electronics based on your requirements - If an off-the-shelf module doesn’t existing we will develop one for you. Our team performs schematic capture and board layout with Altium, firmware development, small runs of hand-built units in house and productions support for PCB manufacturing and contract manufacturing. Connecting your device with the most modern technology - We use technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.0/BLE), NFC, WiFi, 3G/HSPA and 4G/LTE to “connect” your product. Enabling users to interact with your product - Apps allow user to interact with products in a meaningful manner via smart phones. Our team has expertise in UX, UI, native App (iOS and Android), web, cloud and database development and have shipped more than 100 software products.