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Technology advances are enabling new opportunities that are limited only by the imagination. That's why the Internet of Things holds unlimited potential for your business as you develop new solutions for connecting machines, equipment and assets.

Our IoT Partner Program opens up new channels to market and is backed by some of the best tools for the job.

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We want to grow your business

Partner with TELUS and we will focus on growing your business beyond your wildest dreams.

Our new IoT Marketplace is the perfect spot to market your solution as it makes the complex world of the internet of things future friendly for Canadians.

If you have an innovative solution, we'll work with you to:

  • Market your solution in our catalogue to Canadian businesses
  • Train & incent our business sales team to drive sell-through
  • Integrate seamlessly into the TELUS billing system

We provide partners with the best tools for the job

Stay connected on Canada's largest 4G LTE network

TELUS has a state-of-the-art 4G network that is now faster with Canada's most advanced LTE technology. Get our very best speeds available for your device no matter where you are.

Security, when it matters most

TELUS has the most secure dedicated network in Canada to keep your data safe.

  • Secure IP Anywhere ("SIPA") allows you to access your corporate network with a direct, private and secure connection, eliminating routing through the public Internet and helping to reduce security concerns inherent in using an insecure transport method.
  • Closed User Groups ("CUGs") prevent unsolicited data transfer such as hacking and spam to and from your IoT devices. CUGs configurations allow groups of IoT devices and back-end servers to communicate amongst themselves without the threat of interruption.

Canadian cloud services

TELUS AgillT® offers affordable, scalable and reliable cloud solutions for business keep your data securely in Canada, but accessible from anywhere in the world.

  • State-of-the-art, Canada-based data centres built on a 20-year strategy
  • National reach and geographically dispersed
  • 99.95% uptime SLA guarantee backed with service credits

IoT Marketplace

The TELUS IoT Marketplace simplifies the complex world of IoT and makes it future friendly for our customers while providing our partners with a superior channel to market.

  • Market your solution in our catalogue to Canadian businesses
  • Train & incent our business sales team to drive sell-through
  • Integrate seamlessly into the TELUS billing system

SIM management

TELUS Control Centre powered by Jasper Wireless is the industry leading M2M connectivity platform. It offers you unparalleled visibility into your business:

  • Real time control: Full visibility of network use across all deployed devices.
  • Lifecycle management: Automate service management for all stages of product lifecycle.
  • Cost management: Analyze and optimize rate plans and programs.
  • Diagnostics: Identify, troubleshoot issues on any device, anywhere, anytime.
  • Billing management: Automate the creation and management of customer billing.
  • Robust APIs: Standards-based APIs for complete control of your operations.

Device certification

We're dedicated to working with you to ensure your devices are safe for our network and meet all regulatory standards required for successful deployment.


Access 24/7 support that covers all aspects of your deployment related to connectivity, billing, and SIM management. TELUS has a team of technical experts that can help you deploy custom network configurations, certify your devices, and provide guidance.

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Partner with TELUS for access to one of the most advanced and secure networks, advanced SIM management, extensive cloud services, flexible pricing and support.

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